Registration for courses at Polonicum for the spring semester 2012/13

Dear Foreign Students,

If you are planning to take up a course in the Polish language or an OGUN about Poland at Polonicum, registration for these courses will start on 11 Feb and finish on 22 Feb 2013. You will be able to sign up via the same website as for electives, PE classes, OGUNs etc: http://rejestracja.usos.uw.edu.pl. At this moment you can’t see Polonicum registrations for the spring semester 2012/13, but they will appear there soon together with the course offer. Questions about these courses should be addressed to Polonicum.

What to remember: foreign students, apart from tokes that everybody else has, have POL tokens (for Polish language classes) and OGP tokens (for OGUNs about Poland taught in either Polish or English language). When you sign up for a course, the USOS uses your tokens. If you sign up for a course and not attend, you will not get the tokens back, that is why it is important to register for courses that you would really like to take.