If you don't want to continue your language class in the spring semester...

Dear Students,

If you signed up for a language class in the winter semester, the USOS will automatically sign you up for the same language course in the spring semester. However, if you don't want to continue (because you don't like it, because the schedule has changed etc.), you need to unregister from this course. It will be possible to do that from 03 till 24 Feb 2013. If you want to unregister, please set a reminder in your phone!

What happens if you don't unregister and you don't come for classes? If you are registered for a class, you are expected to complete it. If you don't come for classes, you will fail the course. Besides, the USOS will use your language course tokens and if one day you need them, you will have to buy new ones.

Duing this registration period it will also be possible to join a language course, but please remember that most of the courses start in October. If you don't mind signing up for a class that is in the middle of the book, you can do that.