Info for Students of years 2-5

Dear 2nd-, 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-year Students,

Those of you who have not submitted a tutor declaration - the final deadline for submitting the declaration is Tue, 15 Jan. Students of the 5th year who have changed the tutor (and other students who have changed their tutor): you also need to bring a declaration with a new tutor to the office.

Remember you need to have a pass (or "zal" in Polish) from your theoretical/empirical paper and a grade after the spring semester. If you are writing your Master's Thesis, you need to have a pass/zal after the first 3 semesters and a grade after the 4th semester. If you don't pass the winter semester from any of the papers/thesis, you will have a conditional pass to the next year! This will require paperwork, time and penalty payment. That's why you should take care of that!