23 October 2014, 18:00 — 19:00

Meeting for WISP Students

Room 1


Dear WISP Students! :)

Some of you may have already heard that on Thursday (23 Oct) at 18:00, in room 1 on the groundfloor next to elevators (not 412, is seems), there is a meeting for WISP Students who want to have influence on what is going on at WISP :) If you have ideas, if you think you could be a good leader, that's a place for you! The Faculty Student Government organizes various events, parties, makes life of other students easier and has influence on decisions made at the Faculty. Come and find out more :)

The Student Government topic will be the first part of the meeting. The next part is going to be dedicated to all the new Students (and other Students who will be interested as well). During the meeting you will get to know more about your rights and duties, but from a student point of view. Topics will include things like insurance, scholarships, student organizations, exchange programs etc. so it's worth taking part.

The meeting is organized by the current members of the Faculty Student Government. These people are veeeeery open to your ideas, so make use of that :)