11 May 2012, 11:00 — 23:00 (12 May)

jUWenalia! and Science Picnic

Just a few suggestions how you could spend your free time:

Today and tomorrow (11-12 May) there is something called jUWenalia during which students celebrate the fact that they are students There are concerts and a lot of fun. The concerts include eg. rock, hip hop, reggae music. Other events include making a huge graffiti, pottery workshop, a "soap-dish race" (google "wyscig mydelniczek" to see how it looks like) and other fun activities. Here is more info on what's organized at UW: http://www.juwenalia.uw.edu.pl/juwenalia-english.

If you would like to devote your time to science, here is an option for you: the 16th Science Picnic. It is going to be held on 12 May in Edward Rydz Smigly Park. This year's picnic focuses on energy (eg. you'll be able to see rock guitar in 11 dimensions, whatever is means, or some spectacular chemistry presented by the Faculty of Chemistry UW and many many other things). There will be a lot of guests from different countries - UK, USA, Slovenia. More info and a detailed program are available on the event's website: http://www.pikniknaukowy.pl/2012/en/.

Enjoy! :)