16 April 2018, 13:00 — 15:00

Dr Peter Jonason (Western Sydney University, Australia) visits Faculty of Psychology of the UW!

Location: Conference room no 74, Faculty of Psychology, ul. Stawki 5/7


Dear WISP Students!

We are pleased to announce Dr Peter Jonason's visit to the Faculty of Psychology and we invite you to participate in the event (free of charge :D). Peter Jonason will give a lecture entitled "Bright lights, big city: The Dark Triad traits and geographical preferences" (see the abstract below).

To learn more about the guest check out his site: http:// www.peterjonason.com/

The event will take place on Monday, April, 16th at 1 pm at Faculty of Psychology in the conference room no 74 (2nd floor).

Don't miss it!

Abstract: Do people characterized by the Dark Triad traits have a bias towards living in the city and if so, what features of the city-living draw them towards such geographical preferences? Study 1 (N = 753, students) assessed the correlations between population density and size and the Dark Triad traits. Study 2 (N = 270, MTurk) asked participant’s where they lived and compared rates of the Dark Triad traits. Study 3 (N = 273, MTurk) assessed where people wish they lived based on location (e.g., city, rural) and features of that environment and related that to the Dark Triad traits. Across three studies, there was a pervasive and methodologically robust bias of those who are high in the Dark Triad traits—especially psychopathy—towards city life. In Study 3, sex differences in the features people want in where they live, sex differences in those featural preferences, and how the Dark Triad traits correlated with the featural preferences were examined and suggest effects consistent with life history theory. Results are discussed using life history and selection-evocation-manipulation paradigms. The Dark Triad traits were associated with selective preferences for living conditions that would facilitate their fast life history strategy.