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Being successful as a student involves more than being able to memorize large amounts of information quickly. In order to succeed, you are assumed to possess many skills that are not taught in the classroom. In addition you are expected to possess and maintain a positive attitude and mindset that keeps you motivated for your studies.

We understand that the necessary skills are not acquired automatically and we understand that there are many reasons that affect your state of mind and motivation to study.

For these reasons WISP is developing a number of ways in which we can make it a bit easier for you to acquire the skills you need, and to maintain the attitude that keeps you motivated.

If you feel that it is challenging for you to manage your studies because of all the demands, or because it is hard for you keep your motivation up, then make use of the initiatives we are offering below.


Which type of support suits you best?


Mentoring…            in case you feel you could benefit from some support to become a better student; if you think it would be good to improve your study skills, planning and organizing time, choosing the right courses and constructing a good schedule, dealing with administration / USOS, if you are not sure how to address some issue with some courses or instructors, if you feel insecure because you are not sure how to behave or what to do in certain situations. But also if you feel that some support or guidance with starting and organizing your life as a student outside of the classroom could benefit you –how to balance studying, work and social life, for instance– mentoring will be an appropriate option for you.

Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced person in a certain area (eg. Senior employee, student of higher year, older team member, …) shares her or his experience and insight with a less experienced  person. Our mentors are either WISP graduates or WISP students in the final phase of their studies. The meetings and atmosphere with mentors are informal. You choose your own mentor from the pool of available mentors, and agree with your mentor what the focus of the meetings will be. Information shared with a mentor is treated confidentially.

Practical info about the mentoring program


Coaching…   if you want to grow, to improve a certain area of your life (personal, professional, or associated with the university), precisely define and achieve your goals. If you wish to plan your career, change or develop new habits, reduce the stress in your life, increase confidence, improve time management - coaching is an effective solution.

Coaching is a method that allows you to discover and use your potential. It’s based on supporting a client in achieving his/her goals: personal or professional. Coaches use specific questions and techniques to help a client define precise goals and prepare a strategy to realize these goals. The relation in coaching is based on partnership. Coaching aims to overcome previous limitations in thinking and acting. Coaching and mentoring overlap to some extent, but mentoring focuses more on issues or goals that are related to being a student, whereas the scope and goals of coaching are more general with a focus on overall (personal) development.

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Psychotherapy…                In case you suffer psychologically, you are not able to cope with unpleasant thoughts, difficult emotions overwhelm you, you feel that daily functioning is a challenge, for instance with regard to relationships with other people, or realizing your goals and objectives. WISP currently does not offer psychotherapeutic help free of charge, but can help with finding a good psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy is a method of treating mental problems. It’s aim is to relieve suffering, improve quality of life and enable better everyday functioning. Usually, it lasts longer than coaching and often concerns more areas of life and also past experiences.

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