Your future


A masters degree in psychology prepares you for a number of different careers.

If you discover that the pursuit of knowledge is what most fascinates you, the WISP program provides solid a methodological and statistical basis for rigorous testing of new ideas. Some of our recent graduates are pursuing doctoral dregrees studying, for example, unconscious attitudes, and how they influence interactions with outgroup members.

If you decide that you yourself would like to influence others' behavior, our business psychology specialization prepares students for careers in management, marketing, and human resources. Many of our graduates choose this path.

A majority of our students enter the program thinking that they will become clinical psychologists or therapists. Our psychotherapy specialization, supplemented with courses in clinical neuropsychology, constitutes a great foundation for deeper study in one of the various approached to psychotherapuetic work. Some of our recent graduates are currently enrolled in specialized post-graduate courses in sexology, psychoanalysis, or cogntive-behavioral therapy.


If you want to study in one country and after the graduation you would like to work in another country, you should be aware of the fact that each country has its own regulations regarding the diploma and professional qualifications recognition. Within the Europen Union it is to some extent regulated by law. Detailed information about appropriate authorities in different countries can be found [here] and [here].