Career possibilities & internships

Alumni from WISP have taken a number of different career paths. Some of our students have gone on to pursue doctoral degrees (eg Germany, Holland). Others have gone on to work in marketing, sales, human resources, and other areas of business. Others still have focussed on pursuing clinical practice. The field of psychology is broad, and the knowlegde and skills gained during 5 years of study can be used in almost any future career.

Where to look for traineeships/jobs/other opportunities:

You can contact the [UW Career Office] and ask them for help in finding a job/stage/traineeship.

Check the [EURAXESS website] to search for reasearch positions, scholarships, PhD/post-doc programs in the European Union.

How to include a traineeship/placement into the program of studies:

If you are currently involved in a traineeship or you have a job that is connected with psychology (therapeutic institution, HR department, PR department, school, research institution etc.), you could ask for including it into the WISP program. A maximum of 4 ECTS could be given for that and it cannot be shorter than 100h.

If your practice period is done in Poland, please fulfill all the forms from [this website] and deliver them to the Placements Coordinator.

If your practice period is done abroad, you should deliver to the Placements Coordinator 2 things:
1. A request for including your traineeship into the program.
2. A statement from the institution you had your placement at. It needs to include the following information: confirmation that you completed the traineeship there, when it took place, that it was at least 100h, a short list of your responsibilities, a short opinion about you. The statement should be written on the official paper of that institution.

If you need more details, you can contact the Placements Coordinator, dr Rafał Kawa. Office: 214. Email: rkawa@psych.uw.edu.pl.