How and when to apply?

The procedure of applying in short:  

1. You register in our Internet system for candidates (IRK - details below), upload some documents (see the [Required documents] section and pay the application fee (details below).

2. We look at your high school results and then calculate your score based on your highschool diploma.

3. If you get accepted, you will have to deliver some other documents (see the [I'm in!] section).


Deadlines for 2019/20 admissions:

The procedure starts: the IRK system will be open for registration from 05 June 2019 till 05 July 2019.

Last day of paying admission fee:  on 06 July 2019.

Last day of uploading the scanned documents to IRK:  on 10 July 2019.

Results are posted: on 16 July 2019 at 14:00 on the candidate's IRK account. 


Deadlines for second turn of 2019/20 admissions: 

The procedure starts only if there are free places left after first round of admissions process! 

We will post information about September admissions in the middle of August 2019.



Internet Registration System (IRK) 

All candidates are required to register in the IRK system www.irk.uw.edu.pl and need to specifically select the studies they apply to. Selecting the specific studies is crucial, as otherwise the system does not know to which program you are applying. So:

  1. You first need to create your own IRK account
  2. Then you have to find the psychology in English program and
  3. Register to the studies.

Without signing up specifically for Psychology in English, we will not see you as a candidate to our studies in the system, and as a consequence cannot process your application. The IRK will let create accounts from ca. May, but registration for specific fields of study will be open from 05 June. It is your IRK account where you will be able to communicate with the admissions officer and find the results of admission process.


Application fee 

The application fee for applying to one program of studies in 2019/2020 admissions is 85 PLN.

Application fee payment should be made no later than on the day after the deadline for registration to specific field of study. When making the payment, it is advisable to use system that guarantees the quickest transfer of money.

Candidate makes the application fee payment in PLN or foreign currency using individual bank account number, generated for each candidate by IRK system.

When the payment is noted at the University of Warsaw account, it is visible at candidate’s individual registration account. Candidate is obliged to check whether settings of priorities and payments are correct.

For more information about payments please consult the University of Warsaw Admissions Offices’ page.


Info about admissions:  study@wisp.uw.edu.pl or (+48) 22 55 49 845.