Required documents



Deadline for application forms and documents: 29 June (in case of September admissions - 18 Sept)

Please note: if you are a candidate who is going to finish high school this year, you can submit your application till 9 July.

1. Completed Application Form.

2. A Letter of Recommendation (check the Application Form for details).

3. A copy of identification pages of the candidate's personal ID card/passport or only passport in terms of non-Polish candidates; if you have double (Polish and another) citizenship, you are obliged to apply as a Polish citizen.

4. Photocopy of your diploma and lists of grades/marks and transcripts of secondary and higher education, if already obtained.

PLEASE NOTE: if on your high school diploma there is NO statement saying that your diploma allows you to start studies at higher education institutions etc, you should provide us with a separate statement confirming your right to apply to higher education institutions in your country, issued by for example the Ministry of Education in your country or Polish consulate/embassy in your country or the embassy/consulate of your country in Poland. In case of diplomas issued by any of the EU/EFTA/OECD country, we will accept a statement issued by your school. This does not apply to Polish diplomas or IB/EB. If you have not yet received your IB/EB diploma, please provide a statement from your school confirming the diploma results.

5. Legalisation of high school diplomas - for candidates who DO NOT have an IB, EB or Polish maturity exam. If you have already obtained it, please send it to us. If not, don't worry, but please note that it will be a must once you find out that you got accepted. You can find more info in the [I'm in!] section of this website.

6. Documents proving English language proficiency. Photocopy of a certificate of fluency in English from the [LIST OF CERTIFICATES] is strongly recommended already for this stage of the admission process. It is not obligatory before the interview, but it will be required anyway later from all accepted non-Polish and non-EU/EFTA candidates*. Certificates are not required if a candidate graduated from a high school with English used as the main language of instruction. Citizens of English-speaking countries do not have to deliver any language certificates. If you have "Karta Polaka", you are exempt from this requirement as well. If your language proficiency is too low, it is possible to enrol in a 1-year preparatory English course organized by the University of Warsaw.

7. Medical certificate confirming that the candidate's physical condition is adequate for studying - a sentence The patient's condition allows him/her to undertake full-time studies at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw (or similar) signed by the candidate's general practitioner is acceptable. Detailed results of medical examinations are unnecessary. Medical certificates are required only from non-Polish and non-EU/EFTA candidates*. If you have "Karta Polaka", you are exempt from this requirement as well.

8. Proof of payment of the application fee - if you are paying in USD or EUR.

*Candidates who have permanent residency in the EU/EFTA do not need to deliver language and medical certificates, although they are welcome to add a copy of a language certificate if they have one.



If you get accepted, you will be asked to deliver more documents. These will be listed on your online account in the IRK system or you can see them in the [I'm in!] section.