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If you would like to transfer without having previously completed a degree elsewhere, you are welcome to apply to our program. If you have already completed one or more years of psychology studies, you will be admitted to the first year of studies, however, you can apply to transfer previously completed courses and be accepted into a higher year of our studies. If you have completed less than one of year of psychology, you can only be admitted to the first year in our program. However, it is possible to transfer courses that you have completed, so that you will not have to repeat courses which you already passed elsewhere.

If you apply to transfer, you will still be asked to participate in the regular admission procedure as every other candidate. After you have been admitted to the studies, your completed courses of your previous studies are transferred to us, and you start in the year that is appropriate for you. Decisions of transfer of courses are taken on an individual basis. In order to make this decision we will need, at least, an official transcript of records from your previous studies (a document stating which courses you completed, and the grades you obtained), and detailed course descriptions of all of the courses on your transcript.

Detailed information about the admission procedure is described per high school diploma type; please read the information that is relevant to the kind of high school diploma you have.

The information underneath specifies the transfer of courses, not the admission procedure.


If you have completed a psychology program (Bachelor or Master) at a different institution and would like to transfer to us, then the situation is as follows. Currently we do not offer separate Bachelor and Master degrees; only a Master degree after 5 years of studies. In order to fulfill the requirements for our degree, a student needs to have completed all the courses that our program prescribes. This means that if you already have a Bachelor degree in psychology, and want to commence studies in our program, you need to make up for the differences between the program you completed earlier, and our program. So “transfer” is possible, but you will not be automatically admitted to the Master program, as that does not separately exist with us. Past experiences with students with a Bachelor degree have shown that it usually takes them 3 years to complete our program; 1 year to make up for the differences between the previous Bachelor and our program + 2 years of our specialization track. If you have a Master degree in psychology already then the situation is roughly comparable to that of students with a Bachelor degree – you will need to complete all prescribed courses of our program in order to finish. However, because of having completed a Master in Psychology already, it is quite possible that the differences between our program and your completed Master program will not be that large – at least concerning obligatory courses. This would mean that you might start studies with us in the fourth year, and complete our program in two years, as would be the case with most regular 2-year Master programs. During your first year you should expect to be following some courses of the lower years as well, in order to make up for any program differences.

This information regarding transfer is general; precise estimations can only be made after comparing the program you have completed to our program. Any decisions regarding transfers are thus based on an individual basis.

Note that all candidates, also those who already have a degree, will be asked to take part in the general admission procedure.

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