Specialization: Experimental Social Psychology

Social psychology tries to answer how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others. Particularly, we study how human cognition is affected by social factors, and how people behave in social groups. The Experimental Social Psychology specialization offers advanced training in social cognition, intergroup relations, research methods and statistical methods. This is the only specialization offered at the Faculty of Psychology with an explicit aim to train future researchers: both in academic and practical sense.

In this specialization you will learn and gain skills in experimental design, survey design, statistical analysis, neuro-science techniques and interview methods. Researchers specialized in experimental social psychology are currently working in the fields of evaluation, public opinion, conflict resolution, tolerance, education, anti-discriminatory education.

Though the specialization in research oriented, it suitable not only for those with plans for a scientific career. The skills and knowledge taught in this specialization are in high demand in more applied settings too. Many national  and international governmental and non-governmental organizations work on topics in which both knowledge of social psychology and research methods is highly valuable. As the basis of good policy and its implementation is knowledge and data, this specialization provides the expertise for careers in applied fields as well. 

Courses within the specialization Experimental Social Psychology offered in the spring semester of the 2016/17 academic year:

(Note: the ESP specialization takes place in 2-year cycles. It means that classes are planned to repeat every 2 years. Most of the below classes do not take place every year!):

TitleCourse TypeHoursECTS CreditsInstructorsDescription
Advanced Experimental Methodsseminar303Hansen Karolina (PhD)
Applied Social Psychology - Research Tripclass302Bilewicz Michał (Dr hab., prof. UW),
Winiewski Mikołaj (PhD),
Hansen Karolina (PhD)
Political Psychologyseminar303Bilewicz Michał (Dr hab., prof. UW),
Babińska Maria (MSc)
Social Psychology Mechanisms Onlineseminar303Barlińska Julia (PhD)
Statistical Models for the Analysis of Survey Dataclass303Jackson John (Prof.)

In the 2014/15 academic year and previous years, the ESP specializaton was a European Union project. You can read more about past years of the specialization on this website: http://www.psych.uw.edu.pl/esp/