Specialization: Business Psychology

Aims of the specialization

The Business Psychology specialization offers students the possibility to explore the fields of Marketing and Human Resources Management.

Its primary purpose is to help students develop a broad understanding of marketing phenomena and the consumer decision process. In addition,  students will gain knowledge and develop skills that will help them   succeed at working in business, as well as in building and managing work teams.

The provided courses integrate current psychological theories with a wide range of research methods and practical skills. Due to the broadly designed  curriculum, students will be able to understand  psychological mechanisms and processes connected with advertising, consumer behaviour and financial decision making. They will also be given the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience as marketing researchers under the guidance of skilled  practitioners. While participating in the specialization, they will also gain knowledge about the field of Human Resources and learn ways of selecting, assessing, motivating and developing skills of employees.

List of courses includes:

  • Introduction to Economics for Psychologists
  • Introduction to Organization and Work Psychology
  • Principles of Marketing
  • e-HR: Information and Communications Technologies in HRM
  • Psychology of Coaching (seminar)
  • Psychology of Coaching (workshop)
  • Financial Psychology
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Advertising Psychology
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Qualitative Methods in Marketing Research
  • Quantitative Methods in Marketing Research
  • Work Attitudes
  • Training and Development
  • Negotiations
  • Intercultural Communication in Business

All of the above courses are obligatory for students that would like to finish the specialization and obtain a certificate of completion.

Please be aware that there could be some slight changes in the above course list, depending on needs.

Career opportunities

Graduates from the specialization will be able to apply theoretical principles and research methodology of psychology related to the many fields of business enabling students to more easily find their place within the labour market.

They will be provided with knowledge and skills suitable for working in:

  • marketing
  • advertising
  • market research agencies 
  • human resources
  • psychological counselling for business

Courses within the specialization Business Psychology offered in the spring semester of the 2016/17 academic year:

(Note: the Business Psychology specialization takes place in 2-year cycles. It means that classes are planned to repeat every 2 years. Most of the below classes do not take place every year!)

TitleCourse TypeHoursECTS CreditsInstructorsDescription
Assessment and Development Centreseminar152Rutkowska Dorota (PhD)
Designing of Psychoeducational Groups at Workseminar152Styśko-Kunkowska Małgorzata (PhD)
Leadershipseminar152Charkiewicz Marcin (MA/MSc)
Psychology of Coachingseminar303Szulc Urszula (MSc)
Training and Developmentseminar152Kosy Krzysztof (MSc)
Work Attitudes: Theory and Measurementseminar152Rutkowska Dorota (PhD)