Academic calendar

The academic year at the University of Warsaw is divided into two semesters that typically run from October to mid-February (Fall/Winter semester) and mid-February to September (Spring semester). Classes do not take place in July, August, or September.

Note: The exact dates of the beginning and the end of each semester are announced by the University Rector before each academic year starts.

Full Academic Calendar for the 2016/17 academic year is to be downloaded from [HERE].
Full Academic Calendar for the 2015/16 academic year is to be downloaded from [HERE].

A typical academic year looks like that:
Matriculation Day: typically October 1
Winter Semester: October - February
Spring Semestr: February - September with at least two full months of summer holidays

Public and University Holidays:

  • All Saints Day – November 1
  • Independence Day – November 11
  • Winter holidays –  about two weeks in December and January
  • New Year – January 1
  • Epiphany - January 6
  • Intersemester break – one week in February
  • Spring holidays – about 6 days in March or April
  • Labour Day – May 1
  • National Flag Day – May 2 - this could, but does not have to be a free day
  • Constitution Day – May 3
  • Juwenalia (student festival) – 2 days in May (usually one Friday and one Saturday)
  • Corpus Christi – one Thursday in May or June