A message from the Dean

Dear Students,

I warmly invite you to join our WISP at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw. Psychology is in many respects unique: it concerns the most interesting object for many people – ourselves; it lies on the intersection of social, human and natural sciences; it comprises theoretical knowledge and skills useful in everyday life; and, last but not least, psychology gives knowledge and skills for many various activities, including professional ones.

Studying psychology gives us the opportunity to learn about other people and about ourselves, leads to a better understanding of social processes at a higher level, and of individual behaviors, helps improve life, gives tools for work in many different domains, not only those traditionally linked with psychology, like psychotherapy, school or forensic psychology. Let's only mention environmental psychology and economic psychology, both present at our Faculty. So studying psychology cannot be confined to knowledge gathering, but includes also practical implementations.

Studying psychology may be sometimes demanding as it calls more for understanding than memorizing knowledge from textbooks and lectures. And studying psychology, more than studying any other discipline, shows us that every time we reach an answer, new questions arise, provoking the same never-ending cognition process.

Studying psychology at the WISP may also be an important and good life experience. Our students and staff are the best in Poland, and one of the best in this part of Europe. They are eager to learn and share their knowledge and skills with others, being always friendly and open, ready to help if needed.

Student years are not only about learning but above all are a special time of reflection and personal growth, social maturing, making important life decisions and … having fun, making friends, visiting new places. Warsaw and our Faculty are in a good position to supply you with possibilities to do that.

I hope that you will accept our invitation and decide to be with us, to become a member of our community. And after five years of study you will be able to say that these were the best years in your life, opening new perspectives and molding your future pathway.

Ewa Czerniawska
Dean of the Faculty