14 March 2017, 15:15 — 16:00

Scientific Tuesday: Exploring Hope With Adolescents Who Have Been Traumatized and Participating in Therapy

Room 1


Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in another Scientific Tuesaday. This time Dr. Tansel Erdem will tell participants about hope, trauma and therapy. The meeting is in English and it is open like every Scientific Tuesday.

Where and where: Tue, 14 Mar, 15:15, room 1

18 January 2017, 17:30 — 20:00

SpeaKDating! Another edition

Faculty of Physics, Pasteura Street 5


Dear Students,

All of you who want to practice languages and meet new people are invited for another SpeakDating event. To participate, you need to sign up. Please see this website for all the details including photos from the previous edition: http://wolontariat.uw.edu.pl/speakdating/. The event is free of charge.

20 December 2016, 16:00 — 18:00

Faculty Christmas Meeting

Room 408


Dear Students,

Today (20 Dec) from 16:00 there are going to be Dean’s hours. It means that all classes are cancelled. However, during that time, starting from 16:00 in room 408, there will be a Before-Christmas Faculty Meeting. Come to eat some tasty traditional Christmas food and/or take part in a charity auction (the gathered money will support the Alivia foundation which takes care of one of the Faculty employees). All Students are welcome to participate!

16 December 2016, 18:00 — 19:00

For all students interested in neuropsychology

Room 412


This Friday (16 Dec), at 18:00 in room 412, there will be a skype meeting with representatives of Student Liason Committee of the International Neuropsychological Society (INS). INS promotes interdisciplinary and international approach to brain sciences. They will talk about different activities that they have for students. Everyone is invited.

26 November 2016, 12:00 — 21:00

Winter workshop

University Volunteers Centre, BUW Building


All Students and their freinds and family are invited to take part in a building workshop at the University Volunteers Centre on 26 November. What will be built is winer cat houses for stray urban cats. In order to participate, registration is needed. All details are on the website of the Volunteers Centre.

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