15 April 2012, 09:00

Meeting with dr Vassilis Kapsambelis

room 408

  Dear Students, You are invited to participate in a meeting with dr Vassilis Kapsambelis which is going to take place on 15 Apr in room 408: 09:00-10:30: A public system of mental health care services: the example of French sectorisation and the Association de Santé Mentale of the 13th district of Paris 13:30-15:00: Place of psychoanalysis, theory and practice, in a public system of mental health care Dr Vassilis Kapsambelis is a psychiatrist and psychoanalysist in the Philippe Paumelle Medical and Psychological Centre in...

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04 April 2012, 15:15

Prof. Jochen Hardt at our Faculty

room 1


Dear Students,

Prof. Jochen Hardt (Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz, Germany) is going to give a lecture at our Faculty on Tue, 03 Apr, at 15:15 in room 1. The lecture's title is Multiple imputation of missing data; how it works and how it is done. You are welcome to take part in the meeting!

14 March 2012, 15:00

Meeting with dr Olov Amelin

Main UW Campus

Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in a lecture „On Time in Space; Displaying the Genius of Nobel Laureates” by dr Olov Amelin who will be talking about the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. The meeting is going to take place in the Ball Room of the Tyszkiewiczów-Potockich Palace at the Main UW Campus on Wed, 14 Mar, at 15:00.

06 March 2012, 15:15 — 16:00

Invitation - The Flynn Effect

room 1

Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in a meeting with Prof. Bernice Marcopulous (James Madison University, USA) which is going to take place: Tue, 06 Mar, at 15:15-16:00, room 1.

Prof. Marcopulous will talk about the Flynn effect which is connected with the increase in intelligence test scores in different populations.

31 January 2012, 18:00

Nobel Peace Prize winner at UW

Main UW Library

Dear Students, Muhammad Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, is going to be a guest at our University. He is going to give a lecture on Tue, 31 Jan 2012, at 18:00 in the Main UW Library (BUW), room 097 (ground floor). Mr. Yunus will share his experiences about how the poorest people in Bangladesh taught him new economy and how this influenced creating the new development strategy for the EU. ...

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