27 February 2013, 18:30

Language Tandem

Fuego Cafe (Nowy Świat 22/28 St., pav. 7)


The Main UW Student Union is organizing a meeting for all foreign and Polish Students. The meeting is aimed at meeting people from different countries, practicing language skills and getting to know different cultures. Everybody is welcome to come! More info on the [website] of the Main Student Union at UW.

22 January 2013, 15:15 — 16:00

The Patient's View: Issues of Theory and Practice

Room 1


Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in the meeting with Dr. Livia Velpry from Universite de Paris 8 Saint Denis who will speak about therapy from the patient's perspective. You are all welcome to participate!

06 December 2012, 19:00

Meeting with Prof. Zimbardo

Palace of Culture


Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in a meeting with Prof. Philip Zimbardo who will talk about the perception of time. The meeting will take place on 06 Dec 2012 at 19:00 in room 7, 2nd floor of Kinoteka in the Palace of Culture (address: Palac Kultury i Nauki, Plac Defilad 1, entrance from Aleje Jerozolimskie).

NOTE: The number of spots during the lecture is limited! Priority will be given to those who will send an email to: akademia.zimbardo@tfc.com.pl.

29 November 2012, 10:00

Culture Clash

Main UW Campus

  All international students studying at the University of Warsaw are welcome to take part in the Culture Clash project.   Registration for this event is open until 25 Nov 2012.   CULTURE CLASH project aims at holding a substantive and artistic debate with Samuel Huntington’s book The Clash of Civilizations and at answering the question whether multiculturalism is a root of threat for national cultures, or the opposite – a chance for development and enrichment.   More information and registration is...

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27 November 2012, 14:00 — 16:00

Neuro-cognitive fingerprints of developmental dyslexia: State-of-the-Art

Nencki Institute


Dear Students,

You are invited to a lecture Neuro-cognitive fingerprints of developmental dyslexia: State-of-the-Art  by Prof. Stefan Heim (Medical School, RWTH Aachen University, Germany) on 27th November, 2012 at 2 p.m.
The lecture will be held at Nencki Institute, Conference Hall, 1st Floor, Pasteura Street 3.
For more information (in English) look at http://mruserclub.nencki.gov.pl/PL/Spotkania.html

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