13 April 2013, 16:00

Meetings with dr Gerard Pirlot

Faculty Aula


Dear Students,

You are invitied to take part in a series of meetings with Dr Gerard Pirlot, a French psychologist, who will talk about addictions and psychoanalysis.

Sat, 13 Apr, at 16:00 - substance dependence, addictions

Sun, 14 Apr, at 12:00 - psychoanalytical approach to substance dependance, different psychoanalytical therapies

Thu, 18 Apr, at 19:30 - a talk about Andre Green

All meetings will be held in French with translation into Polish.

05 April 2013, 18:00

Erasmovies: Polish Films in English “Vinci”

Room 200 at Students’ Union building (Krakowskie Przedmieście 24)


Dear Students,

You are invited to take part in the next meeting belonging to the series of Polish films with English subtitles, organized by the Main Student Union. This time it will be the film "Vinci" directed by Juliusz Machulski. More details on the [website of the Main Student Union].

04 April 2013, 12:00 — 13:00

Cognitive Rehabilitation in Schizophrenia

Room 412

  You are invited to take part in a meeting withProf. Natalia Ojeda del Pozo (University of Deusto, Spain) who will speak about Cognitive Rehabilitation in Schizophrenia The talk will take place on Thu, 04 Apr, at 12:00 in room 412.   Prof. Ojeda del Pozo is a neuropsychologist, the Director of Department of Methods and Experimental Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Deusto, Spain [profile]. Some files from the Professor:...

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25 March 2013, 15:30

Altered patterns of ReHo and ICA in children with auditory processing disorder: resting-state fMRI study

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology


Dear Students,

If you are interestred in neuropsychology, you are invited to take part in a lecture Altered patterns of ReHo and ICA in children with auditory processing disorder: resting-state fMRI study by dr Agnieszka Pluta. The abstract of the event is available [HERE].

The lecture will take place in the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Pasteura Street 3, Conference Hall, 1st floor. It is free of charege.

22 March 2013, 20:00

'Tandem Shake' during Language Tandem

Black Sheep Cafe (Jana Pawła II 45A lok. 56, entrance from Nowolipki St.)

The Student Union is organizing the next Language Tandem - an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and exchange languages and cultures. During the next meeting, taking place on 22 Mar, the Student Union has prepared a surprise - there is going to be a Tandem Shake ;) More details on the Student Union [website]. You're all welcome to participate! :)

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