News for March 2017


[Years 4-5] Neurosurgical Diseases from the Perspective of Clinical Neuropsychology on 21 Mar 2017

Dear Students of Neurosurgical Diseases from the Perspective of Clinical Neuropsychology,

The class tomorrow (21 Mar) is cancelled. One more class has been added at the end, so it will take place on 25 Apr, at 12:00, room 405. Please update your schedules!


[2nd year] Experimental Psychology on 17 Mar 2017

Dear Students of Experimental Psychology,

Make-up classes planned for Fri, 17 Mar, are moved to Tue, 21 Mar, in the following order:
10:15, group 2, room 412
13:45, group 1, room 412
16:00, group 3, room 405
Please update your schedules!


Prolonging validity of student ID cards already possible

Dear Students, It is already possible to prolong validity of your student ID cards. Please come to the office with your student ID only during the office hours (so not on Wednesdays and not on Fridays). Note for the first year: if you look at the your ID card (back side), you will see a sticker saying that your ID is valid till the end of March. Now you will get a sticker saying that your ID will be valid...

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Information about Creativity Workshop schedule

Dear Students of Creativity Workshop,

As you know, the first meeting on 03 Mar finished a bit earlier. For this reason, the meeting on 14 Mar will be a bit longer. It will take place in room 405 at first as given previously, but from 17:45 you will move to room 1. Please update your schedules!


[Years 4-5] Psychology of Coaching make-up classes

Dear Students of Psychology of Coaching,

You already know about that, but here is a reminder: since the class on 02 Mar was cancelled, a make-up class is going to take place in a way that classes on 09 and 16 March are going to be longer and last from 15:30 to 17:45. Please update your schedules!

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