News for March 2017


[Year 1] BCS group 3 on 23 Mar 2017

Dear Students of BCS only group 3,

The class on 23 Mar is cancelled due to instructor’s illness. A make-up class will be announced once it is known. Please update your schedules!


[Year 1] Information for Students of BCS group 1

Dear Students of BCS only group 1,

As agreed in class, your Wednesday classes will start 10 minutes later and finish 10 minutes later (10:25-11:55). This situation will last till 19 Apr (including) and then everything will come back to normal and classes will start at 10:15. Please update your schedules!


Experimental Social Psychology trip - information meeting

Dear Students of the Experimental Social Psychology specialization,

There will be a meeting before the trip (Applied Social Psychology - Research Trip) which is going to take place on Fri, 31 Mar, at 13:45, in room 406. Please update your schedules!


[All Students] Moodle platform on 24 Mar 2017

Dear Students,

Moodle servers are going to be maintained on 24 Mar 2017. This means that all Moodle platforms are going o be turned off on that day at least for a part of the day.


How Children Think: The Development of Children's Thinking and Understanding make-up class

Dear Students of How Children Think...,

Since the class on 09 Mar was cancelled, the meeting on 20 Apr will be a double class: at 16:00 as usual in room 404 and then at 17:45 in room 405. Please update your schedules!

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