News for February 2017


Information for transfer students and those who have conditional passes

Dear Students, This message concerns those who in the spring semester 2016/17: are transfer students and need to be signed up for some courses not from their year (because of program differences), have a conditional pass and need to repeat a course from the previous year. If you are not signed up for needed courses from a lower year in USOS, please contact our office ASAP (alinden@psych.uw.edu.pl). This especially concerns those who need to repeat courses taught in groups, especially first-year’s Statistics. Stats...

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[All Students] Linking courses and delivering the program for check-up

Dear Students, The winter semester is almost finished, so it’s time to link your winter semester’s courses and deliver your program for check-up. DEADLINE: the deadline for each student might be different, but it’s generally the day when you have all the FINAL grades. For most of you it will be at the beginning of the next week (13 or 14 Feb). However, if you already have all grades, you can already link courses and submit the program for check-up (it will...

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Information about the tuition fee

Dear Students,

Those of you who pay the tuition fee in the Polish zloty: today (or tomorrow at the latest) you will be able to see the amounts and the bank account number in the "payments" section on your USOS accounts.

Reminder for everyone: the deadline for the next tuition fee payment is 15 February.

Please deliver (bring or send by email) the proof of payment.

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