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Final exams in courses by Prof. Manuela Heins (History of Psychology and The Mind-Body Problem)

Dear Students of History of Psychology and The Mind-Body Problem,

Here is the final exam date for these two courses taught by Prof. Manuela Heins: Thu, 23 June, 16:00, room 408 (to remind you: the previous info was that it would be either on the 22nd or on the 23rd, but now it's clarified).


Comments after the registration 16/17 has started

Dear Students, We have received positive feedback from you about the idea of the limit of 8 ECTS at the beginning of registration. There are no complaints, you seem to be satisfied, so it looks like it’s a good solution and it has a good chance of being used in the future. Here are some additional comments after the registration for courses has started: Year 2: The registration for Academic Skills is indeed blocked. We already know how to solve it. The course will...

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[Update] Information about final exams in courses by Prof. Manuela Heins (History of Psychology and The Mind-Body Problem)

Dear Students,

If you would like to write an exam earlier (according to what's written in the previous announcement), please report that fact to Prof. Heins till today (Fri, 10 June), so that she knows who will come and how many exams to prepare.


Schedules for the winter semester 2016/17 - second version

Dear Students,

The second version of schedules for the winter semester 2016/17 has been sent to your faculty emails. Please contact the office if you have not received anything (but check the spam folder first).


Dogs and Humans make-up class [update]

Dear Students,

The last will not take place tomorrow. It will take place on Monday (the 13th) at 10:15, room 405. So, there won't be a double class tomorrow, only at 12:00 (normal time). Please update your schedules!

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