News for October 2016


[1st year] Introduction to Psychology on 13 Oct 2016

Dear Students of Introduction to Psychology, The teacher has informed about her illness, therefore the Intro class today (13 Oct) is cancelled. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known (check the news section of the WISP website frequently). A few words for New WISPers about cancelled classes. It happens that teachers get ill or they have some kind of conference etc. and class gets cancelled. In situations like that, we plan a make-up class during the semester....

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[3rd year] Psychological Assessment Lab make-up classes

Dear Students of Psychological Assessment Lab,

Since the teacher was ill on 11 Oct, here are dates when make-up classes are going to take place:
Group 1: Thu, 20 Oct, 16:00, room 412 and Thu, 27 Oct, 16:00, room 412
Group 2: Tue, 25 Oct, 13:45, room 412 (this means a double class on that day)

Please update your schedules!


[Year 4] Info for Students of Techniques in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (...)

Dear Students of Techniques in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (...),

The first class on 14 Oct will start later, at 11:00. It will also finish a bit later - at 16:30 with shorter breaks during the class. To remind you, this course takes place at Centrum Terapii Dialog (Counselling Centre for Foreigners), Stryjeńskich Street 19.


[3rd year] Psychological Assessment Lab on 11 Oct 2016

Dear Students of Psychological Assessment Lab,

The instructor is ill therefore classes on 11 Oct are cancelled. Make-up classes will be announced as soon as they are known. Please update your schedules!


Rector's Scholarship 2016/17 (after the 2015/16 academic year)

Dear Students, Here you will find information about the Rector’s Scholarship. The scholarship could be given to a regular student who: obtained high GPA in the preceding year OR has significant scientific achievements (eg. publishing a scientific book/chapter, translating a scientific book, active participation in a conference, becoming one of the top participants of a national and/or international scientific contest etc.) OR has significant artistic achievements (eg. ...

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