News for February 2016


[All Students] Linking of courses of the spring semester 2015/16

Dear Students, Linking of courses from the spring semester 2015/16 is going to be open from 18 Feb to 04 Mar 2016. Linking is sometimes called „course allocation”, so if you see info on course allocation anywhere on different pages of UW, it is about linking. Many of your psychology courses are already linked to the program, because it happened automatically during the registration. Right now, you are be able to link to the program those courses from the spring semester which haven’t...

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[All Students] Important information about finishing the winter semester 2015/16

Dear Students, If you already have all the grades/passes after the winter semester 2015/16, please deliver your study program for check-up (clearing). Go to USOS -> student’s section -> promotions -> deliver this study program for check up. This way we will know that you are done with everything in the winter semester and we can check if you completed required courses. If you did, the winter semester will be finished on your USOS account and the spring semester will officially be...

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MAKE-UP EXAM SESSION after the winter semester 2015/16

Here is the list of exams in the make-up exam session after the winter semester 2015/16: BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOUR Thu, 03 Mar, 10:15, room 404 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Fri, 04 Mar, 16:00, room 112 EMOTIONS AND MOTIVATION Tue, 08 Mar, 10:15, room 412 INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY Wed, 09 Mar, 8:30, room 404 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY Mon, 07 Mar, 16:00, room 405 PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY  Contact the office till the end of February to...

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Reminder about the tuition fee

Dear Students,

We would like to remind you that on 01 Feb the deadline for the tuition fee payment for the spring semester passed. Some of you have not delivered the proof of payment to the office. Please bring it in person or send it by email (wisp@psych.uw.edu.pl).


The last (6th) version of the schedule for the spring semester 2015/16

Dear Students,

The 6th version of the schedule has been just sent to your university emails. If you have not received anything, please contact the office. From now on, changes in the schedules will be announced on the website (news section) and on the board opposite the office.

If you aer an Erasmus student, please contact the office.

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