News for February 2016


Information for those Students who have conditional passes

Dear Students, This message concerns those who have conditional passes - mostly those who repeat an obligatory course which they didn’t pass last year (but there could be other conditions, too). Conditional passes are connected an additional payment. According to the Rules of Study at UW, if you are repeating a course, you should pay for it during 4 weeks after the beginning of the semester when the repeated course (or another condition) is taking place at the latest. If you have...

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Classes by Marta Porębiak on 29 Feb 2016

Dear Students of Medical Psychology, Intro to Guidance and Couseling and Genogram Technique,

Dr Porębiak is ill so classes on 29 Feb are cancelled. Make-up classes will be announced as soon as they are known.


Neighbourhoods, Boundaries and Social Diversity on 01 Mar 2016

Dear Students of Neighbourhoods, Boundaries and Social Diversity,

The class on 01 Mar is cancelled. A make-up class will take place on Tue, 19 Apr at 12:00. This means there will be a double class on that day (normal at 10:15 and additional at 12:00). The normal class will take place in room 405 as usual, but for the additional class at 12:00 you will have to move to room 404. Please update your schedules!


Information for Students of Psychology of the Internet

Dear Students of Psychology of the Internet,

Here is a confirmation of changes in the schedule which were discussed in class:

  • The class on 8 Mar has been moved to Fri, 26 Feb, at 12:00-15:15 in room 101.
  • Meetings on Tuesdays: the break will be 30 min shorter between classes, but everything will also finish 30 min earlier on these days.

Please update your schedules!


[2nd year] Experimental Psychology on 26 Feb 2016

Dear Students of Experimental Psychology,

As you have heard in class, the classes planned on 26 Feb need to be rescheduled and will take place on 11 Mar in the following order:
10:15 group 3
12:00 group 1
13:45 group 2
All will take place in room 412. Please update your schedules!

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