News for 2015


Programming PsychoPy Experiments with Python on 07 Dec 2015 + some more updates

Dear Students of Programming PsychoPy Experiments with Python,

Since there was one class cancelled earlier, a make-up class will take place on 21 Dec, at 16:00 (as discussed in class). The class on 07 Dec is cancelled. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known, for sure it’s going to take place in January. Please update your schedules!


[1st year] Intro to Psychology make-up class on the 15th of Dec!

Dear Students of Introduction to Psychology,

Even though the teacher announced that there would be a make-up class on 08 Dec, she was forced to reschedule it for 15 Dec. So, a make-up class will take place on Tue, 15 Dec, at 16:00, room 404. Please update your schedules!


Final exam in Sport Psychology

Dear Students of Sport Psychology,

As announced in class, the final exam is going to take place on Mon, 14 Dec, at 8:30, room 412.


[1st year] BCS group 3 on 03 Dec 2015

Dear Students of BCS (only group 3),

The class is cancelled today (03 Dec). A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known.


USOS getting updated today

Dear Students,

Today after 16:00 USOS will be getting updated and it will take a few hours. For this reason it will be more difficult to access your USOS accounts, registration website and all other services connected to USOS.

The biggest update that will be introduced concerns the fact that in the coming registration USOS will ask you to already link courses you are registering for to the program.

Updating should finish at ca. 20:00.

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