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Make-up exam session after the winter semester 2014/15

Here is the list of exams in the make-up exam session after the winter semester 2014/15: BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOUR Tue, 10 Mar, 16:00, room 412 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Mon, 09 Mar, 13:45, room 404 Attention! If you need to make up this course, please contact the instructor by email ASAP before the make-up exam! (grajka@psych.uw.edu.pl) EMOTIONS AND MOTIVATION Thu, 05 Mar, 15:30, room 404 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY Fri,...

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An interesting USOS information for all Students

Dear Students, We thought we could try another feature in USOS. As you know, WISP courses were not in the USOS schedule in the past because the USOS had problems with showing blocked courses correctly. Since WISP has many courses like that, we did not use USOS schedules, but some updates have been introduced, so we have decided to give it a try. Today (20 Feb), if students of years 1-3 log in to USOS, you should see obligatory courses in the...

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Urgent information for all WISP Students (update)

Dear Students, A small update regarding grades in USOS: When grades are put into USOS from the Office side, you will see them in your student USOSweb on the next day. It is like that is because there needs to be data migration between these two parts of USOS and this takes place during the night. If grades are put in USOS today, you will most probably see them tomorrow. It is instructors’ role to submit grades during the appropriate time. If we...

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Urgent information for all WISP Students

Dear Students, The new semester is starting soon. Please check in USOS if you already have all the grades after the winter semester. If you do, please deliver your winter semester for check-up in USOS: log in to USOS (https://usosweb.uw.edu.pl/) -> student’s section ->  promotions -> deliver this study program for check-up. When you do that, the office will be able to check if you indeed passed your courses and you will be signed up for the spring semester. It is...

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Language courses - registration/deregistration in the spring semester 2014/15

Dear Students, Registration for and deregistration from language courses (all foreign languages except Polish taught as a foreign language) is going to be open till 22 Feb, 23:59. During this period you may: Deregister from the language course you participated in during the winter semester. When you sign up for a language course in the winter semester, the USOS will AUTOMATICALLY sign you up for the continuation of the same group (same day, hours and teacher) in the spring semester. If you...

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