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Here is the list of exams in the make-up exam session after the spring semester 2014/15: COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Wed, 09 Sep 2015, 12:00, room 405   INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Fri, 04 Sep 2015, 12:00, room 412   INTROCUTION TO CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY Fri, 11 Sep 2015, 12:00, room 405   PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING AND MEMORY Thu, 03 Sep 2015, 10:00, room 405   STATISTICS AND RESEARCH DESIGN Mon, 07 Sep 2015, 10:00, room 405   Things to remember: Above you will find make-up exams from obligatory lectures. Other...

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[All Students] Delivering program for checkup

Dear Students, Those of you who already have all the grades and ECTS you need (courses are linked to the program and 2014/15 semesters - you may check that on your USOS account), you don’t wait for any make-up exam etc., please submit the program for check-up in USOSweb as soon as possible: log in -> student’s section -> promotions -> deliver this program for checkup. It will take you 15 seconds. This way we will know that you are not...

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BUW clearance card - update

Dear Students,

Our Faculty and the Main Library (BUW) have discussed the requirement of bringing a clearance card after each year from BUW by all students to prove that you have returned all the books. The outcome of talks is that it will not be necessary after each year. It will be required at the end of your studies. So, if you have brought it already – good. If you haven’t, you don’t have to do that.


Information concerning passing language exams in the current semester (spring 2014/15)

Dear Students, If you signed up for a language exam to pass it in the current exam session (spring 2014/15), then you will be able to link the exam to program and/or semester till 23 June. If you are planning to pass an exam in a foreign language during the make-up exam session in September, here are some important dates: Registration will be open from 10 July (21:00) till 24 Aug. Linking of language exams passed in the September session is going to be...

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[1st year] Information for those who failed or were absent during the Psychology of Learning and Memory exam

Dear Students of Psychology of Learning and Memory, Those of you who were absent during the exam or did not pass it are requested to contact Dr. Białaszek till the end of June regarding the make-up exam (wbialaszek@gmail.com). There is a possibility to make up this course still in June, but there will also be a possibility to do that during the make-up exam session in September. However, if you decide to write the make-up exam in June, you will...

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