News for 2015


Working with Groups (group 2) on 28 Oct 2015

Dear Students of Working with Groups  (group 2),

As discussed in class, the meeting on Wed, 28 Oct, is not going to take place. Instead, 2 meetings (on 29 Oct and 05 Nov) will be 45 min longer. Please update your schedules!


Programming PsychoPy Experiments with Python on 09 Nov 2015

Dear Students of Programming PsychoPy Experiments with Python,

The class on 09 Nov is going to be cancelled. A make-up class is scheduled on Mon, 14 Dec at 16:00. In other words, the course will finish a week later than previously scheduled. Please update your schedules!


Prolonging student ID cards

Dear Students, Except for the 1st year, your student ID cards are valid till the end of October, so next week (starting from 26 Oct)  we are going to extend them. Dear 1st-years, if you look at the sticker on your ID card, you will see that it is valid till the end of March, so this announcement does not concern you, but it’s a good idea to read it to know what might be expected from you in the future. In...

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Intellectual Property Rights final test

Dear 1st-year and other new Students,

As it was announced during the class, the final test from Intellectual Property Rights is going to take place on Wed, 28 Oct at 16:00, room 404. Please put the date into your schedules!


[All Students] Reminder about linking courses

Dear Students, We would like to remind everyone that linking is OBLIGATORY for every regular student. Yes, it concerns 1st-year students, too. Deadline is 28 Oct. In the previous announcement about linking you will find tips, guidelines, instructions etc. We have received some repeating questions from students and we’re posting them here with explanations: Q: I’m on the 1st year. BCS lasts for the whole year. Should I link it to the program and the semester? A: Yes. There will...

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