News for September 2015


[All Students] Check your obligatory courses in USOS

Dear Students, Please check if you are signed up in USOS for all obligatory courses which you will need in the coming winter semester. Some courses (BCS and Logic on the 1st year, Psych Assessment on the 3rd year) are taught in groups and you were supposed to choose a preferred group on your own, but some of you did not do that. In this case please contact the office. You should pay special attention to this issue especially if you are a...

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[3rd year] Social Psychology on 01 Oct 2015

Dear Students of Social Psychology,

As mentioned in the last email with schedules, some courses on the 1st of October could be cancelled. This is what is going to take place with Social Psychology which will be the only class cancelled tomorrow. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known. Please update your schedules!


The final version of schedules form the winter semester 2015/16 with room numbers

Dear Students,

The final version of schedules have been sent to your emails. Please check your email and if you have not received anything, please contact the office. From now on, changes in schedules will be announced on our website (news section) and on the board opposite the office.


Updated schedules after the second round of registration

Dear Students,

The newest versions of schedules (2nd in case of first-years and 5th in case of higher years), updated after the second round of registration, have been sent to your university emails. If you have not received anything, including in your spam folder, please contact the WISP office.


A few reminders about completing the 2014/15 academic year

Dear Students, (This message does not concern new WISP students who joined for the 2015/16 academic year. It also does not concern students who are already signed up for their next year in the winter semester 2015/16.) A few reminders connected with finishing the 2014/15 academic year. Please see if any of the above points concern you. If yes, please take appropriate actions. See situations below: 1)      If you have not been registered for the next semester in USOS because you had some...

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