News for October 2015


Accessing Moodle 2015/16

Dear Students,

An instruction regarding access to the Moodle platform has been sent to your student emails. If you have not received it or you don't know how to access Moodle (eg. you are an Erasmus student), please contact the WISP office.

Explanation for new Students: Moodle platform is used to share materials for some courses.


[Years 4-5] Neuropsychiatry on 22 Oct and 05 Nov

Dear Students of Neuropsychiatry,

As mentioned during the class, the meeting on 05 Nov is going to be cancelled. A make-up class is scheduled on Thu, 22 Oct, at 13:45 in room 404. This way, you are going to have a double class on that day. Please update your schedules!


Info for Students of Cognitive Psychology Laboratory

Dear Students of Cognitive Psychology Laboratory,

A small update in the schedule of this class: the meeting on 14 Oct will be 45 min shorter and the meeting on 04 Nov will be 45 min longer. Please update your schedules!


Classes by Max Bielecki on 07 Oct 2015

Dear Students,

Due to the fact that the instructor got sick, classes by Max Bielecki (Statistical Methods for Experimental Design as well as Advanced Statistical Methods) on 07 Oct are cancelled. Make-up classes will be announced as soon as they are known. Please update your schedules!


Rector's Scholarship 2015/16 (after the 2014/15 academic year)

Dear Students, Here you will find information about the Rector’s Scholarship. The scholarship could be given to a regular student who: obtained high GPA in the preceding year OR has significant scientific achievements (eg. publishing a scientific book/chapter, translating a scientific book, active participation in a conference, becoming one of the top three participants of a national and/or international scientific contest etc.) OR has significant artistic achievements (eg. publishing/translating...

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