News for October 2015


[Years 4-5] Introduction to Neuropsychology and Neuroscience on 02 Nov 2015

Dear Students of Introduction to Neuropsychology and Neuroscience, Even though during the class you discussed with Prof. Łojek that there would be an Intro to Neuro class on 02 Nov, it will NOT take place due to the Rector's Day (the Rector let us have only those classes which involve visiting instructors). The last class for the INN course will therfore take place a week later, on Mon, 09 Nov at 13:45, room 412. Prof. Łojek knows about it. Please update...

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If your personal details change...

Dear Students,

Please remember to inform the WISP office in case of any changes in your personal details, especially when you have:

  • a new address;
  • a new telephone number (this is very important especially if you are a foreigner and you get your Polish number already after you’ve started studies);
  • when you have obtained the Polish citizenship;
  • when you have obtained a residency card in Poland (any type).


Meeting for 1st-year and other new Students

Dear 1st-year and other new Students, Perhaps you have read on the website that 02 Nov is a free day with some exceptions (check this announcement). On that day, since most of you will be in Warsaw and there will be not many classes, the Faculty Student Government would like to meet you and talk to you about the University, your rights and duties, tell you a few words about what they do, where to look for help etc. The...

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Information about classes on 02 Nov 2015

Dear Students, The Rector of UW has announced that on the 02 Nov (Mon) there is going to be the Rector’s Day since 01 Nov is a national holiday in Poland and many students of UW will be visiting homes. This means that there will not be classes on that day with some exceptions. The Rector granted us exception when it comes to courses with are taught or co-taught by visiting instructors as they are impossible to reschedule. For this reason, 2...

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Linking courses - prolongations and some explanations

Dear Students, A quick update regarding linking courses: the Rector has agreed to extend the linking period till 15 Nov. Those of you who have not done it yet, you still have a chance! A few reminders or further explanations regarding linking: If you have a conditional pass, the course which you are repeating should be linked to the previous year. Study the example: let’s say you failed BBB on the first year, so you passed to the second year on condition that...

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