News for February 2015


Urgent information for all WISP Students

Dear Students, The new semester is starting soon. Please check in USOS if you already have all the grades after the winter semester. If you do, please deliver your winter semester for check-up in USOS: log in to USOS (https://usosweb.uw.edu.pl/) -> student’s section ->  promotions -> deliver this study program for check-up. When you do that, the office will be able to check if you indeed passed your courses and you will be signed up for the spring semester. It is...

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Language courses - registration/deregistration in the spring semester 2014/15

Dear Students, Registration for and deregistration from language courses (all foreign languages except Polish taught as a foreign language) is going to be open till 22 Feb, 23:59. During this period you may: Deregister from the language course you participated in during the winter semester. When you sign up for a language course in the winter semester, the USOS will AUTOMATICALLY sign you up for the continuation of the same group (same day, hours and teacher) in the spring semester. If you...

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Evaluation forms

Dear Students of:

- Developmental Psychology,
- Emotion Regulation,
- Recruitment and Selection,

If you have not filled in the usual evaluation form after one (or more) of the above courses, please come to the office to do that. We need these evaluations to get to know what you think about these courses.


[2nd year] Information about Developmental Psychology results

Dear Students of Developmental Psychology, On Moodle, you will find results of exams and some other tasks. Some of you are required to complete an extra task (write a reaction paper for one of the articles given on Moodle together with results) and send it to the Instructor (dr hab. Grażyna Kmita, grajka@psych.uw.edu.pl). Details are given in the file with results. The deadline for those who still need to complete the extra task is Thu, 12 Feb. The final Developmental Psychology...

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Registration for courses at Polonicum (for non-Polish Students)

Dear non-Polish Students, As you probably know, at Polonicum UW you may sign up for Polish language classes and some OGUN courses about the Polish history/culture. Some OGUNs at Polonicum are taught in Polish, some of them in English. Registration for Polonicum courses is going to start on 09 Feb at 09:00. You will be able to register through the token registration website (http://rejestracja.usos.uw.edu.pl). Search for: - Polonicum - lektorat II sem. 2014L (in case of language courses)...

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