News for 2014


Linking: most frequent problems

Dear Students, Here is the list of frequent problems with linking that we have discovered in USOS: Problem 1: obligatory courses are linked only to the program. This is wrong. Obligatory courses need to be linked not only to the program, but also to the semester during which they are taking place. Eg. BBB needs to be linked to the program and to the winter semester of the first year while Psychopathology needs to be linked to the program and...

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[1st year] Obligatory online training in Occupational Health and Safety (BHP)

Dear 1st-year Students, As you may have seen on your schedule, you are all required to complete 2 small obligatory tests: 1) Occupational Safety and Care (in Polish: BHP) – an online training 2) Intellectual Property Rights (in Polish: Podstawy ochrony własności intelektualnej) - a short workshop; details will be posted in the future, stay tuned. Details regarding the Occupational Health and Safety This is just a...

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Health Psychology - final exam

Dear Students of Health Psychology,

The final exam is going to take place on Mon, 24 Nov, at 17:45 in aula. Please update your schedules. The exam will be conducted by dr Kobylińska.

(Where to find aula? When you enter the Faculty, turn right, go past the canteen and when you get to stairs turn left.) 


[All Students] Linking - a reminder and a hint

Dear Students, We would like to remind you that the deadline for linking courses is 17 November. If you have not done it yet, only a few days are left. Hint: how to do it the safest way? 1. Obligatory courses need to be linked to the program and to the semester they are taking place in. No choice here. 2. Other courses (electives, specializations, OGUNs etc.) - it is the safest that they are linked only to the...

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Office closed on 10-11 Nov

Dear Everyone,

The WISP Office will be closed on 10 and 11 Nov due to a national holiday. Also other faculty units will be closed during these days (library etc.).

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