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Erasmus 2014/15

Dear Students, If you who would like to spend the 2014/15 academic year at another university in Europe, you may apply for the Erasmus exchange program till 19 Feb. Details are available [here]. FAQ: Q: I am on my 1st year. Why can't I apply for Erasmus? A: One of the criteria is having a decent GPA after the whole previous academic year. You don't have your GPA yet and you cannot be qualified on the basis of your...

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Prof. Jerome Siegel passed away on 01 Feb 2014. Originally from University of Delaware (USA), he was a guest lecturer at WISP for many years. He taught neuropsychology courses which were always highly valued by his students. He was a warm person who liked visiting University of Warsaw. He will be missed very much.

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Office hours of Urszula Szulc

Dear Students of BCS and Working with Groups,

If you would like to meet Urszula Szulc, it will be possible on Thu, 30 Jan, at 12:30 in room 405.


[2nd year] Statistical Methods for Experimental Design make-up class

Dear Students of Statistical Methods for Experimental Design,

Since the Instructor was ill on one Wednesday in the past, make-up classes are going to take place on Wed, 29 Jan: group 1 at 13:45 and group 2 at 15:30, both in room 68. Please update your schedules!


[1st year] Research Methods make-up class

Dear Students of Research Methods,

As it was announced before, on Wed, 29 Jan, at 10:15 there is a make-up class. Since during the semester 2 classes were cancelled, there will be an additional make-up class on 29 Jan, so on that day you will have a double class at 10:15 and 12:00. Please update your schedules!

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