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[All Students] Delivering your winter semester 13/14 for check-up and linking courses of the spring semester 2013/14

Dear Students, It will be possible to link spring semester’s courses in USOS from 24 Feb till 13 Mar 2014. You will have to link WISP courses to the WISP program and then to the spring semester. However, before this can be done, we need to transfer you from the winter semester to the spring semester in USOS. In order to let us do that, please do the following: Please check in USOS if you have...

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Obligatory courses in USOS

Dear Students, Please check if all obligatory courses that should be in USOSweb on your account are actually there. This mostly concerns those of you who have conditional passes and repeat a course, those who have come back from Erasmus and now have program differences and those who have other program differences (eg. transfer students). If you think there is an obligatory course that is not on your account (while it should be there), please contact the...

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Schedules for the spring semester 2013/14 with room numbers

Dear Students,

Schedules with room numbers have been sent to your UW emails. If you don't have them, please contact the Office or go to the [Class schedules] part of this website. Schedules are available on the board opposite the Office.


Erasmus 2014/15 - update

Dear Students,

The list of Erasmus destinations for the 2014/15 academic year (if you wish to apply) has been updated. You can find them [here].


Language courses in spring 2013/14

Dear Students, If you took part in a language course in the winter semester, please remember that USOS will automatically register you for the same language course in the spring semester. However, if you would not like to continue your language course in the spring semester or you would like to change your group, you can either deregister or change your group till 23 Feb, 23:59. You can make changes through the [token registration website]. Search...

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