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[Years 4-5] Training and Development on 28 Feb 2014

Dear Students of Training and Development,

The meeting on Fri, 28 Feb, is cancelled. To make this up, 2 meetings will be longer:

  • The one on 21 Mar will start earlier - at 09:30 instead of 10:15
  • The last one on 11 Apr will finish later - at 11:45 instead of 11:00

Please update your schedules!


First Impressions and Self-Presentation - make-up class update

Dear Students of First Impressions and Self-Presentation, In the [previous announcement] you were informed that the course will start one week later and finish one week later. Due to the fact that the additional class would overlap with a specialization course trip that some of the students are registered for, making up the cancelled meeting will take place in a way that the missing hour will be added to the class on 27 Feb, so it will be longer: it...

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Make-up exam session after the winter semester 2013/14

MAKE-UP EXAM SESSION AFTER THE WINTER SEMESTER 2013/14 BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOURFri, 07 Mar 2014, 12:00, room 405 EMOTIONS AND MOTIVATIONTue, 04 Mar 2014, 12:00, room 306 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGYPlease contact the Teacher by email (zofia.borska@gmail.com) to set the meeting. The meeting can take place no later than on 07 Mar. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS IN APPLIED AND EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Please contact the Teacher by email to set the make-up. Making-up the...

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Info for all Students who have not completed the diploma recognition process ('nostryfikacja')

Dear Students, If you have not completed the nostryfikacja of your high school diploma process in the winter semester 2014/15, you are requested to contact the WISP office immediately. If you have received a prolongation of the deadline for submitting your nostryfikacja (you have the Dean’s consent), you don’t have to come to the office, but if your prolongation deadline has expired, you need to contact the WISP office, too. If we do not know...

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First Impressions and Self-Presentation on 20 Feb

Dear Students of First Impressions and Self-Presentation,

Due to Instructor's illness the class on 20 Feb is cancelled. A make-up class will be added at the end of the course, on 24 Apr. To sum up - the course will start one week later and finish one week later (in practice 2 weeks later, because Thu, 17 Apr is holidays). Please update your schedules!

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