News for 2014


[All Students] Linking courses - a reminder and an interesting guide

Dear Students, Since there are many questions regarding linking courses, we have prepared a more [DETAILED GUIDE ABOUT LINKING]. It will explain where this requirement comes from, how it looks like and what to do in certain situations. You probably know how it looks like and where to click, but we recommend especially case studies which you will find in point 8 and 10 of the guide. To remind you: linking courses of the spring semester will be possible ...

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Psychology of Coaching on 18 Mar 2014

Dear Students of Psychology of Coaching,

The meeting on 18 Mar is cancelled. A make-up class is going to be announced soon. Please update your schedules!


[All Students] URGENT - prolongation of the linking deadline

Dear Students, The Rector has agreed to extend the deadline for linking courses. It will be possible to do it from 15 Mar till 23 Mar 2014. It is an exception and we assume there will not be more prolongations. Those of you who have not done linking, this will be your last chance. We have received a number of questions from you. We will try to post a detailed FAQ next week before the new linking...

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[All Students] URGENT! Linking deadline

Dear Students, We would like to remind you that linking of your spring semester’s 2013/14 courses will be open till today (13 Mar) 23:59. Linking is obligatory for all UW students. If you have not linked your courses at least to the program, please do it. Check the [linking instruction from linking courses in November] if you don’t know how to do it (linking to program is explained in point 4). FAQ Q: Can...

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[Years 4-5] Conflicts, Mediation, Negotiations seminar on 19-20 Mar 2014

Dear Students of Conflicts, Mediation, Negotiations seminar,

The meetings on 19 and 20 Mar are cancelled. Make-up classes are scheduled on Thu, 10 Apr at 12:00-15:15 and Wed, 07 May, at 08:30-10:00. Please update your schedules!

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