News for 2014


Personality Disorders in Research and Clinical Practice make-up term

Dear Students of Personality Disorders in Research and Clinical Practice,

There will be the second term on Wed, 18 June, at 11:00, room 405. The second term concerns only those who were absent during the first exam.


[All Students] Important info about completing the current year and going to the next year

Dear Students, In order to finish the current year, please answer the following questions. In order to finish the year, your answer has to be “yes” to all the questions: 1) Grades: do you have all the needed grades from all the needed courses? It is ok if not all grades from the spring semester are there yet as of today (12 June). The exam session is not over and there is still time. 2) BUW clearance card: have delivered it to the...

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[All Students] BUW clearance card

Dear Students, Each Student is requested to get a confirmation from the Main Library (BUW) that their library account is clear and all books have been returned. You need to deliver the BUW statement/clearance card to the office. Assumed FAQ: Q: I have never used BUW or any other library of UW. Do I still need this? A: Yes. The Faculty is not able to check that. Besides, BUW is not only scientific books,...

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For those of you who are interested in neuropsychology

Dear Students,

If you are interested in neuropsychology, the International Neuropsychological Society (INS) is opening for students. You will find details in this brochure and on their facebook page.


Office hours of Urszula Szulc

Dear Students,

If you need to meet with Urszula Szulc, she will be available on Thu, 12 June, at 13:00-14:00 in room 404.

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