News for 2014


Info about completing the 2013/14 academic year

Dear Students, If you see in USOS that you are not yet registered for the winter semester 2014/15, it means that something is missing. See this list of what’s needed to properly finish the semester. If you think you are done with everything or you are not sure what’s missing in your case, please contact the office: years 1-3 should contact Ms. Aleksandra (alinden@psych.uw.edu.pl), years 4-5 should contact Ms. Maria (maria.polatynska@psych.uw.edu.pl). Please do that...

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Info for Students who passed a language exam in September or took a summer course

Dear Students,

If you passed a language exam now in the September session or you took a summer course, it will be possible to link it to your study program and/or semester in USOS till 25 Sep 2014.

[Info for 1st-year Students: this does not concern you right now. You will get information about linking in the future when linking of 2014/15 courses is announced. At this moment you don't have to worry about linking (yet).]


The newest version of the schedule + reminder about the registration

Dear Students, Please check your emails. Students of years 2-5 should find there the 3rd version of the schedules, while 1st-year Students should find the 2nd version of their schedule. If you have not received anything and there is nothing in your spambox, please contact the office: info@psychology.pl. Especially Students of years 4-5 should take a closer look, because 3 courses from your schedule have been cancelled. The last round of registration is taking place from Wed, 17 Sep, 09:30 till...

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[1st year] Introductory course in Polish language and culture

Dear 1-st-year foreign Students,

Those of you who have stated that you would like to take part in an intro course in Polish language and culture on the 22 Sept, please check your emails. You will find there the details. If you haven't got any email and it's not in your spambox, please let us know (info@psychology.pl).


Information about problems with registration

Dear Students, As you know, there were/are some problems with USOS services. On Thursday night, main USOS administrators updated USOS, but not everything went smoothly (it’s not only about WISP, it is true for the whole University). The biggest problems concerned choosing/changing groups for obligatory courses. In case of 1st-year’s Logic, registration to just one group seems to be working, while with 3rd-year’s Psychological Assessment Lab nothing seems to be possible. The problem was reported already to...

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