News for October 2014


[2nd year] Academic Skills on 05 and 12 November 2014

Dear Students of Academic Skills,

Classes on 05 Nov and 12 Nov will be cancelled. Make-up classes are going to take place on two Tuesdays: 25 Nov and 02 Dec at 10:15 (group 1) and 12:00 (group 2). We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please update your schedules!


[Years 4-5] Recruitment and Selection make-up classes

Dear Students of Recruitment and Selection,

One class was cancelled in October and here is how making up will take place:
- on 03 Nov, you will start earlier (at 09:30),
- on 01 Dec, the class will finish normally at 11:45 instead of 11:00.
Please update your schedules!


[Years 4-5] SFBT final test and additional information

Dear Students of Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy,

The final test is going to take place on Wed, 29 Oct, at 09:00, room 404. 29 Oct is also the deadline for your home assignment. Please check the Moodle platform for a file needed for the assignment.


[Years 4-5] Recruitment and Selection on Mon, 13 Oct

Dear Students of Recruitment and Selection,

The meeting on Mon, 13 Oct is cancelled. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known. Please update your schedules.


Rector's Scholarship after the 2013/14 academic year

Dear Students, Here you will find information about the Rector’s Scholarship. The scholarship could be given to a regular student who: obtained a high GPA in the preceding year OR has significant scientific achievements (eg. publishing a scientific book/chapter, translating a scientific book, active participation in a conference, becoming one of the top three participants of a national and/or international scientific contest etc.) OR has significant artistic achievements (eg....

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