News for October 2014


Linking courses, winter semester 2014/15

Dear Students, Some of you may have already heard that linking courses of the 2014/15 winter semester is now on. This is going to be possible till 17 Nov 2014. To remind you: - If you link a course to the program and to the semester, it means that you want to use this course in order to complete the 2014/15 academic year. It will count into your GPA after the 2014/15 academic year. - If you link a course only to the...

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Prolonging ID cards on Fri, 31 Oct

Dear Students, Some of you have not prolonged student ID cards (reminder for 1st-year Students: this does not concern you, because your ID cards are valid till the end of March). Specifically for this reason, the office will be open tomorrow (Friday, from 10:00). We will be able to prolong your student ID cards till 13:30. Around 14:00 there are going to be some server updates at the Main Campus and USOS will be turned off till ca midnight. Without USOS,...

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[1st year] Logic on 04 Nov 2014

Dear Students of Logic,

Classes on Tue, 04 Nov are cancelled (both groups). Make-up classes are going to take place on Fri, 21 Nov, at 08:30 (group 1) and 10:15 (group 2), both in room 404. Please update your schedules!


[Years 4-5] Recruitment and Selection on Mon, 27 Oct

Dear Students of Recruitment and Selection,

The class on 27 Oct is cancelled due to instructor's illness. Please update your schedules!


Prolonging student ID cards

Dear Students, You may already come to the office to prolong your student ID cards. (Info for 1st-year Students: your ID cards are valid till the end of March. This date is written on the sticker on the back side of your ID card. Right now you don’t have to prolong it, but please read this information so that you know what will happen in March.) If you want your ID card to be prolonged, please bring it to the office together with...

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