News for 2013


[years 4-5] Intergroup Contacts on 06 Nov 2013

Dear Students of Intergroup Contacts,

The meeting with dr hab. Michał Bilewicz on 06 Nov is cancelled. Note: only the part of the course at 16:00 is cancelled. The meeting with Anna Stefaniak at 12:00 will take place as planned! A make-up class with dr hab. M. Bilewicz will take place on 27 Nov at 16:00 in room 405. Please update your schedules.


[URGENT - ALL STUDENTS] Linking courses - update

Dear Students, We have been receiving more details from the Rector’s Office regarding the whole action of linking courses. Here are more useful details: This one is more for students of years 2-5: if you have a completed course which you previously (eg. last year) have not linked anywhere, because you wanted to use it in the future, please link this course at least to the program. You will decide later to which semester you will...

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[1st year and Erasmus] Intercultural training

Dear New Students, There is an intercultural training being planned at the Faculty. It is mainly addressed to foreigners for whom Poland is new, but Polish Students could take part, too. Details have been sent to you by email. Attention regular Students: the email has been sent to you to your university emails (the ones with the @student.uw.edu.pl domain). From now on, we are going to use only your university addresses to contact you. It is...

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[2nd year] Emotions and Motivation on 29 Oct 2013

Dear Students of Emotions and Motivation,

The class on 29 Oct 2013 is cancelled. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known. Please update your schedules.


[URGENT - ALL STUDENTS] Linking courses

Dear Students, Here is an announcement from the Rector’s Office: All regular Students (not only psychology Students, but all Students at the whole University) need to link courses from the winter semester 2013/14 in USOSweb. Courses need to be linked to: a concrete program (eg. psychology) and to the study term (eg. winter semester 2013/14) or only at least to the program (eg. psychology). For a course from the...

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