News for 2013


[1st-year and other new Students] Occupational Health and Safety test (BHP)

Dear New Students, You are all required to complete 2 small obligatory tests (it is written on your schedules): 1) Occupational Safety and Care (in Polish: BHP) 2) Intellectual Property Rights (in Polish: Podstawy ochrony własności intelektualnej) - this will take place together with a short workshop; details will be posted soon, stay tuned. Details regarding the Occupational Health and Safety This is just a small online...

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[1st year] Introduction to Philosophy make-up classes

Dear Students of Introduction to Philosophy,

Since a double class on 25 Oct was cancelled, here is when make-up classes will take place: on 22 and 29 Nov, there will be double classes, so at 10:15 there will be normal classes and at 12:00 make-up classes. Everything will take place in room 405. Please update your schedules!


Working with Groups on 13 Nov 2013

Dear Students of Working with Groups,

Due to Instructor's illness, the class on 13 Nov is cancelled. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known. Please update your schedules.


[URGENT - ALL STUDENTS] Linking courses - prolongation of the deadline

Dear Students, The Rector has prolonged the deadline for linking courses till 13 Nov 2013, so those of you who have not done it yet can still do that. For detailed instruction please check one of the [previous announcements]. LINKING IS OBLIGATORY FOR EACH STUDENT OF UW! IF YOU DON'T DO THAT, THERE WILL BE (FINANCIAL) CONSEQUENCES! A reminder for people who have conditional passes and need to pay for that: the info about it...

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[1st year] Introduction to Psychology make-up class

Dear Students of Introduction to Psychology,

Since one of the Intro classes in October was cancelled, a make-up class is scheduled on Tue, 12 Nov at 08:30, room 405. This way you will have a double class on that day. Please update your schedules!

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