News for 2013


Important information for all the Students

Dear Students,

According to UW regulations, incidents violating academic integrity (eg. plagiarism, signing a list on behalf of another student, cheating on exams etc.) may be reported to the University Disciplinary Commission. The Commission may use different means to punish the student, eg. give a warning or a formal rebuke signed by the Rector that stays in the student file or even - in case of severe violations - expel the student from the University.


[1st year] Statistics and Research Design - lecture on 04 June

Dear Students of Statistics and Research Design,

The lecture class (and only the lecture class, not the workshop!) on Tue, 04 June, has been moved to Mon, 10 June, at 11:30, room 405, right after the Cognitive Psychology exam. Please update your schedules!


Make-up classes of courses that were cancelled for Psychonalia

Dear Students,

Here is a list of when make-up classes will take place. It concerns courses that were cancelled due to yesterday's Psychonalia festival at our Faculty.
- 1st year's Statistics lecture: Thu, 16 May, 12:00, room 405
- Psychology of Learning and Memory: Fri, 07 June, 16:00, room 405
- Propaganda: Thu, 16 May, 16:00, room 405
- Introduction to Psychopharmacology: to be announced
Please update your schedules!


Information for 5th-year Students and Students who have not defended their thesis although they should have done it some time ago

Dear 5th-year Students and Students-who-have-not-defended-their-thesis-although-they-should-have-done-it-some-time-ago, As you may have seen, there are some announcements at the Faculty which are in Polish and which are addressed to students of the 5th year. These announcements say that students of the 5th year and on will have a closed set of questions for their defence exam, so not only will they have to talk about their thesis, but also they will have to draw (a) question(s) from the set and...

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[3rd year] A change in the Counselling exam hour

Dear Students,

Last Friday we announced a list of exams. There is a small change - the Introduction to Guidance and Counselling exam will take place at 14:00 instead of 15:15. The day (Mon, 10 June) and room (404) have not changed. Please make an appropriate update in your calendar.

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