News for 2013


[2nd year] An additional Emotions and Motivation class

Dear Students of Emotions and Motivation,

Since one class still needs to be scheduled due to class cancellation, on Tue, 11 June, at 10:15 in room 405 there will be an additional class with exercises and revision before the exam. Please update your schedules!


[All Students] Stamp/statement (clearance card) from BUW

Dear Students, Each Student is requested to get a confirmation from the Main Library (BUW) that their library account is clear. Students who still have their index books, do it the same way as before - you need to get a stamp from BUW into your index book. Students who don't have index books, do it in a way that you need to get a statement (clearance card) from BUW which you need to deliver to the office. Younger...

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Important information for all the Students

Dear Students, Like last year, you need to be given a table with faculty payments that will be binding next year (2013/14). Please come to the office to pick it up. This is OBLIGATORY for all Students. Don't worry, the tuition fee for the 2013/14 academic year for students continuing studies has not changed. What might change is additional payments, for example for repeating courses etc. The table will say how much will be a penalty fee if you for example fail...

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1st versions of the schedules for winter 2013/14

Dear Students,

The first versions of the schedules for the winter semester 2013/14 have been sent today (29 May) to your university emails. If you have not received anything, please contact the office.


[3rd year] Advanced Statistics on 29 May 2013

Dear Students,

The 3rd-year's Advanced Statistical Methods course (with dr Bielecki) on 29 May is cancelled. Make-up classes are taking place on Wed, 05 June, at 10:15 and on Fri, 07 June, at 17:45, both in the computer lab (68). Please update your schedules!

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