News for 2013


Important information for all the Students

Dear Students, (This message is addressed to Students who are going to be on years 2-5 in the academic year 2013/14, but if you are going to be a new Student, you can read it in order to find out what you would have to deal with in the future.) If you don’t have any make-up exam in September, if you log in to the USOS and you can see that you are not registered for...

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Registration for language exams in the September exam session 2012/13

Dear Students, Those of you who are planning to pass an exam in a foreign language in the September exam session need to remember that the registration for language exams is open till 28 Aug, 23:59. It is possible to register via the usual [token registration]. Things to remember: · You need to pass an exam in a foreign language (at least B2 level) till the end of the 3rd year of your...

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Scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Dear Students, Those of you who have exceptional results and have achieved something extraordinary in the 2012/13 academic year could apply for a scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. This scholarship is given only to the best of the best students. In order to apply, it is not only necessary to have a very high GPA (not only qualify for the Rector’s Scholarship, but be even better – be in...

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Information for 5th-year Students and Students who have not defended their thesis yet

Dear Students of the 5th year and those who finished all courses, but have not defended yet, As it was announced some time ago in [this news], during the final defence exam there will be questions that students will have to answer. Each student will have to draw one question from the set which is available in the [Yearly Paper and MA Thesis] section of this website. The questions requirement concerns students who are going...

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Renovation of telephone lines - continued

Dear Everyone,

The renovation of faculty telepehone lines should last till Tuesaday, 30 July. At this moment our telephones still do not work. You could try calling us on Tuesday.

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