News for 2013


[1st year] BCS on 24 Oct 2013

Dear Students of Basic Psychological Skills,

The class (all groups) on Thu, 24 Oct, is going to be cancelled due to instructor's illness. Make-up classes will be announced as soon as they are known. Please update your schedules.


Working with Groups on 23 Oct 2013

Dear Students of Working with Groups,

The class on Wed, 23 Oct, is going to be cancelled due to instructor's illness. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known. Please update your schedules.


Prolonging student ID cards

Dear Students, Except for 1st-year Students*, your student ID cards are valid till the end of October. The time for prolongation has come. It will be possible to prolong your student ID card from Tue, 22 Oct 2013. Please come any day within office hours (so not on Wednesdays). Things to remember: ID cards will be prolonged only for Students who have fulfilled all requirements: tuition fee has been paid to a usual bank account, conditional passes...

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[1st year and other new students] University email (update: the link with info on how to get your password should work now)

Dear 1st-year and other new Students, We have been informed that UW email administrators have created your own university emails. You should have already received information about it this week. It was sent to you to your previous (private) emails. If you have not received anything, please check the spam folder. This information should contain your UW email login and password. Info on where to log in and what to do if you lose your password...

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Info for all the Students - payments in USOS

Dear Students, The USOS will now help you keep up with your payments. This concerns fixed payments in PLN, so mostly additional payments for example for conditional passes or repeating the year (and other additional payments). It does not concern the tuition fee, or at least not yet, because it is in EUR and not in PLN. Thanks to the payments module you will be able to see how much you should pay, when and for what. ...

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